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Are there recordings of classes?

At this time, Gnomon does not record and re-stream online course sessions.

Some instructors do take it upon themselves to record and share the recorded class sessions with their class, however this is done at the discretion of the instructor. Please keep in mind that many things may prevent an instructor from recording a class session. Even if an instructor has recorded previous class sessions, there are no guarantees that every session will be recorded. Many instructors may choose not to record and re-stream their sessions for a number of other reasons - including hardware/software performance issues as the recording process does add extra processing overhead. An instructor may also choose not to record and re-stream lectures containing "sensitive" or "for your eyes only" content. For this reason, our current policy is to defer the decision to the instructor.   

Gnomon's online experience was designed to mirror our live on-campus classroom experience, where session recording is strictly prohibited.

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