Do not submit Homework Assignments Here

In rare occurrences, students may find that they can not upload a file to the homework module. There can be a number of issues that may prevent you from uploading - the file size may be too large, file format may not be recognized, or students may be attempting to upload using spotty WIFI connections. Best practice is to compress the files you are attempting to upload into a .zip format. Most systems can compress files and folders to ZIP format without extra software - however, if you do not have this ability, you may download 7zip to compress these files. Just make sure to compress to zip and not 7z format.

In these rare cases where you still can not upload, please do not upload your homework to our support system as we can not upload the assignment for you. 

You may choose to post some images to the forum and notify the instructor about your problem. You may also post a support request here and we can investigate the issue from our side, however, we can not submit homework for a student. Thanks. 

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